Sunday, September 7, 2008

I have been looking for an agenda that is both designer and useful. I have seen the classic LV chocolate ones, but here's one that is different. And I do so love being different! Sometimes you just need to use an agenda instead of your Blackberry. (I'll blog about my Blackberry later. Another useful and fun tool!)

Rock & Republic Beatrix Platform Sandal in Champagne Stingray

Rock & Republic Beatrix Platform Sandal in Champagne Stingray

Here is another fabulous shoe. This will be an addition to my collection. This shoe has a ring in the front that gives it that edgy look that doesn't cross into too edgy. The two-toned neutral is a classic take on this modern look. I can't wait to go try on a pair. Get your pair at Revolve.


This is the beginner of a new career. One that has always been a love of mine. Stay tuned as there will be changes being made. I enjoy blogging and hope to meet many fashionistas here in the blogging world. Let your voice be heard.

I'll leave you with a banner to one of my favorite TV shows at the moment.